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Health Insurance

Liazon’s Bright Choices™ Program for Quality, Affordable Healthcare

Quality Healthcare from Liazon & The Harlem Valley ChamberEmployee Benefits

Our Chamber is excited to continue to offer the Bright Choices® Exchange from Liazon, a revolution in buying and delivering employee benefits. Now businesses can control the ever-rising costs of benefits, particularly health insurance, while offering greater choice and coverage to employees. In a few short years this innovative solution has saved millions of dollars for Chamber of Commerce members across New York.

The Bright Choices Exchange available to Chamber members features Fortune 500 type benefits for companies of all sizes. Liazon’s intelligent on-line technology makes it easy for your employees to choose between six health plan designs, three dental plans, vision insurance, accident insurance, long-term and short-term disability, life insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts, and even wellness programs, telemedicine or pet insurance.

  • Employees are more satisfied because they get the specific coverage they need
  • Employers finally get control over ever-rising insurance premiums, and simplify their benefits administration.

The Bright Choices Exchange is simply a “better way to buy benefits”. Harlem Valley Chamber of Commerce members can find out more about controlling benefit cost inflation while improving employee coverage by clicking on the link below or calling 888-280-3958.

A sample brochure of the plans that you would be able to offer to your employees can be seen here: Harlem Valley Chamber Brochure.